Create a thriving business by mastering the flow tools and techniques that will help to take you and your business to the next level

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned entrepreneur,
this course will help you to reach the next level of success for you, effortlessly.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
- Jim Rohn

Do you dream of having lots of time, money and the fulfilment of all your dreams through the vehicle of your business?

Are you tired of the constant push, struggle and hustle and are ready to live with more ease and flow?

Would you love to design a life of happiness, security and freedom that makes a positive difference in other’s lives?

Are you excited to live a happy life filled with passion and purpose?

But you’re not there yet…

Are one or more of the following stopping you from reaching your full potential?

♦ Fear. So much fear
♦ Sales blocks
♦ Burn out
♦ Overwhelm
♦ Procrastination
♦ Lack of work/life balance
​​​​​​​♦ Business stagnation
​​​​​​​♦ The constant hustle
​​​​​​​♦ Working hard and not smart
​​​​​​​♦ Feeling like you aren’t good enough
​​​​​​​♦ Unending busy-ness

Have you considered that maybe the way you are taught to do your business doesn’t work for you?

That maybe the comparisons, fears and lack of life balance are symptoms, showing you that there may be a better way to run your business?

Do you wonder if there is another way to run your business that doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but teaches you a different way to be, and do your business, that could bring better results for you?

What if you could design your life, using the vehicle of your business, but in a way that truly suited you?

For some people, sales and the ‘hustle’ comes easily, but if you are like me, it doesn’t.

We will show you the flow tools and techniques you can use to bring balance back into your life, reduce your fears and change how you look at and experience success.

These flow tools and techniques have made a massive difference in how I run my business and I’ve seen the incredible results with my own eyes.

“Success in this industry is not in finding the right person, but in becoming the right person” – Dr Forrest Shaklee

Find your Business Flow is a 12 week online course to help you to take your business to the next level by teaching you the flow tools and techniques you need to master yourself. 

Over the 12 weeks, you will un-learn all the bad habits that are holding you back, and you will learn new flow tools and techniques to create positive habits that will move you forward.

Through doing this course, you will shift:

♦ From pushing, stressing and struggling every month, to feeling like the sales and clients flow in effortlessly 

♦ From working ridiculously hard, to finally finding the work/life balance

♦ From striving for society’s measure of success to realising your own measure of success

♦ From constantly being afraid to knowing that it’s all going to be okay

♦ From struggling to be ‘in control of everything’ to trusting life and letting go
♦​​​​​​​ From feeling like you’re never good enough to realising that you are so worthy of everything your heart desires

How it works
This is an ONLINE program, so you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Every week you’ll receive an email from us with an eBook to read. This eBook will contain the course content, tools, techniques and exercises as well as links to videos to watch and audios to listen to.

Every week there are exercises for you to work through, and questions to answer.

Every week, you feedback on our private Facebook group, sharing your learning and your struggles.

You will receive answers to your questions and coaching around your struggles from the community as well as Nina and Timea.

Recognising your fears and learning to face them.
The stories we've created that hold us back in business and life.
How to let go of everything that isn't working for you.
Recognising your procrastination patterns and how to overcome them.
How some of the expectations of others and those you place on yourself are not serving you.
How to step into the realm of infinite possibilities and truly create a life you love.
How to create the life you truly want.
Learn the tools to disconnect from the struggle and connect to the Ease in your life.
How to connect to the present moment to bring balance into your life.
Tapping into the energy of abundance to create the financial success you desire.

Reframe your relationship to selling in order to boost your business.

Creating a powerful vision for your business to move forward into.

You will receive

Weekly course material and exercises based on the topic for the week x 12
We send you the weekly course material and practical exercises as an eBook via email. The weekly topics serve as the foundation for the conversations we’ll be having and the inner work they’ll spark within you.

Facebook Community
Our private Facebook group is where all the juicy conversations happen. All topics and conversation starters are shared on this group for everyone to comment on and discuss. You are also invited to reach out whenever you need to. This is a safe space for you to share ANYTHING that you need help and support with, and receive coaching on from Nina and Timea.

Bonus Meditations
Some of the topics have a bonus meditation, to take you deeper into your practice. These meditations vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. You download these and keep them forever.

The price of the program:

Normal Price Option 1:
Once off payment

Covid Discount Price Option 1:
Once off payment

Normal Price Option 2:
3 x monthly payments
$100 x 3 months

Early Bird Price Option 2:
3 x monthly payment
$65 x 3 months

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Nina Hill
MLM advocate and Business / Life Coach

Timea Kulcsar
Flow Alchemist and Life Coach

How this program came about:

Entrepreneurship is growing at a rapid rate. More and more people are seeing the benefits of running their own businesses. However, a lot of entrepreneurs can get caught up in the constant DOING.

The reason most entrepreneurs start their own businesses is to be their own boss. And to not HAVE TO DO all the time. Yet the constant DOING is the biggest struggle in being an entrepreneur.

Through the teachings of Flow, we have learnt that it is more important who you are BEING, than what you are DOING. We also found that there are lots of courses teaching entrepreneurs what to DO, but none teaching us how to BE in order to create the business we dream of.

That’s why we created this course.



For some years I tried to run my business the way I was taught. The problem was I was grumpy at home, snapping at the people I loved the most and I wasn’t motivated to do the work I needed to do. What I was taught wasn’t wrong – it just didn’t work for me.

That’s when I realised something had to change. I admit that some of what I was experiencing was fear, but a lot of it was to do with finding a way to grow my business using a different mind-set and techniques that worked for me.


And then I started wondering how many other people felt the same way or were even giving up their businesses, even though they loved the company and products. Just because what they were taught didn’t work for them either!

With my background as a life and small business coach I started looking into ways that could change how I did my business without re-inventing the wheel. I was looking for a mindset shift that worked.

I did a number of courses and read many books, spending quite a bit of money in the process.  And then I found Timea (my course co-facilitator) and her Flow teachings. I knew I had found the answer for myself and people in the same situation as me.

Flow offered me a way to run my business that would fit my life aspirations and shift how I did business.

I was saddened by the number of people that the industry loses who would benefit from the lifestyle changes you see people achieving, the personal development that massively shifts people’s lives or even just the extra income that makes daily life easier. After using Flow for a while and seeing the positive benefits in both my business and personal life, I wanted to share what I had learned.

I am passionate about bringing the philosophy, teachings and insights of Flow to people involved with the MLM industry and all entrepreneurs. With this in mind, we made the lessons relevant and accessible to all entrepreneurs, with a spirit of collaboration, a love for business and for lifting others up.

We realise that these techniques may not be for everyone, but there may be that person in your business that is struggling, who needs to change the way they are running their business or shift their mindset. This course could be perfect for them, maybe even for you. Leading to them growing their business and in turn yours too.

I invite you to join us to shift the way you think and therefore change the way you run your business. If I did it, so can you!


It was early 2013 and I had been working in the world of personal development for 2 years. I had been making magic, helping thousands of people to do what they love and create financial abundance while living their dreams, through online programs and workshops.

The irony here? I wasn’t living MY dream life. I was certainly doing what I loved every day but I was soooo busy doing what I loved, that I didn’t have time for anything else! I’m sure you can relate.

This lead to burn out, frustration, depression, illness, overwhelm, and lots of stress!

I was chatting about this ironic situation to a mentor over lunch one day and in my frustration I said – “There has got to be another way to do business! One that isn’t full of stress and constant struggle.”

It felt like I was swimming upstream with weights attached to my ankles, preventing me from making any progress forward.

That sentence changed everything.

It turned out to be the catalyst I needed to find a new way of being in the world. A new way of doing business. 
A new way of living life that is full of ease, creativity, authenticity and magic.

I went home that afternoon with a question playing in my mind.

How do we create our dream lives easily and effortlessly? While a lot of people have bought into the story of having to work really really hard to get anywhere in life, I didn’t. I knew that this was simply old conditioning and old story thinking that kept people trapped on the hamster wheel that is their version of life.

I knew there was a different way. I could feel it in my bones. A deep knowing.
A way where we tap into the magic of life that deep-down we know exists.
​​​​​​​A way in which we connect to the ease, abundance and joy of life rather than the stress and struggle.

And late that night as I lay pondering this question, the answer arrived. Like magic!

Live in Flow, it whispered. Stop swimming upstream and let the river of life carry you.

In September 2014 the Flow Experiment was launched.

Now, 4 years later, this is no longer an Experiment. The community has made a life-long commitment to being a part of this experience.

Living in Flow is an EXPERIENCE of deep, sustainable personal growth.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve inspired thousands of people to live this way and now I invite you to join this course for your own experience of the Flow tools and teachings.


Normal Price Option 1:
Once off payment

Covid Discounted Price Option 1:
Once off payment

Normal Price Option 2:
3 x monthly payments
$100 x 3 months

Early Bird Price Option 2:
3 x monthly payment
$65 x 3 months

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